Joe Derence


Joe Derence is our fearless leader. He has nearly 35 years of industry experience and after starting his career with a local hot tub manufacture, he saw that there was a need in the community for a hot tub retailer. Upon starting the business out of his garage, he is the definition of entrepreneur and has successfully grown his company to be the best hot tub store in the entire western slope. This year will mark his 30th Anniversary since starting the company in 1985 and is starting to look to the future of retirement and enjoying his days golfing, camping and riding his Harley across the country. Joe thrives on the feeling he gets when he can help a senior citizen who struggles with severe arthritis or fibromyalgia and the impact it has on their lives. “I want to change the way people look at hot tubs. I came from a time when hot tubs where a luxury and a party item. As I age myself, I know the importance of hydrotherapy and that hot tubs save lives every day. I get so much enjoyment from knowing that I’m helping others and have been most of my life.” Joe has accomplished so much from so little and is truly a pioneer in the community. He has supported many great causes within the community from local youth programs to community projects and one of his greatest fulfillment’s is participating the the annual “Hot tubs for Hospice” promotion where he donates $100 for every spa sold in the month to the Western slope Hospice now known as Hope West. Hot Water has donated nearly $15,000 to the organization since the start of the event. Two time territory dealer of the year with Hotspring and 2009 retailer of the year with the local chamber of commerce, we are proud to have Joe as our president and for paving the way to success all these years!

Paul Derence


Paul has been part of the family business since he was in diapers. Helping others get in hot water is what he was born to do! After high school and attending college on the front range he continued doing what he loves to do by working for another fellow Hotspring dealer while going to school. It became apparent that this was a career he wanted to continue to pursue and moved back to his hometown of Montrose to work with his father and help run the business. Paul takes great pride in his work and gives 100% of his effort to provide quality products and services to his clients. Health and wellness is a very important part of his lifestyle and he enjoys helping others understand the many wonderful benefits that come with owning his products. When he isn’t at work, he spends his time with his wife and two boys enjoying all the great activities that surround the area. He loves to play ice hockey, ride his bike, and challenges himself daily with his new passion of cross fit. After enduring a major leg injury last year, staying active and using a hot tub on a daily basis has become a necessity to offer the best quality of life possible. “It’s not a luxury, its a matter of wellness”  Whether a new customer or existing, Paul is always available to provide his nearly two decades of knowledge and assistance to everyone he can! Can’t find him at the store? Call him on his cell any time, anywhere and he’s there to help. His passion for getting others in hot water is what drives the company and motivates others to be the best they can be.

T.R. Larson

Lead Service and Delivery

T.R. has been a part of the Hot Water Productions for over 17 years!  T.R has been factory trained and certified by Hotspring twice during his tenure and is passionate about solving problems and helping out his customers. He knows hot tubs and can get the job done right the first time and loves to save everyone time and money! As an avid hunter, mountain biker, dirt biker and overall wild man, he unwinds at the end of each day in his Hotspring Jetsetter.

Leah Derence

Customer Service

Leah has been a part of the Hot Water Productions team since 2011.  Being part of the family she shares the passion for health and wellness. As an avid Cross fitter, Leah uses her hot tub and sauna on a regular basis! Between work life and being a mother of two busy boys, she relies on the rejuvenation her hot tub gives her on a daily basis. Leah enjoys seeing happy customers and loves helping people find the right products for their needs. Coming from an hospitality background she knows what it means to provide top notch customer service and the best product to her clients. She is a very valuable asset to the Hot Water Productions family.

Jeana Herd

Customer Service

Jeana has been a part of the Hot Water Productions team as a relaxation specialist since 2008.  Her product knowledge allows her to help you find the right products for your needs.  There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by that Jeana isn’t willing to learn and share her positive outlook with her fellow staff and to each and every customer who walks through the door, or calls in. She takes great pride in her work and is always ready to help you get into some hot water!