Benefits of a Salt Water Hot Tub

Saltwater spas are known to improve a person’s health and well-being in three areas: they provide ultimate relaxation, help support a healthy and active lifestyle, and they are easy to maintain! 


Chemical-based water quality systems can leave one’s skin dry and irritated with the smell of chlorine. Saltwater-based systems make the water feel softer and are gentler on eyes and skin. Saltwater is also known to have gentle exfoliating and rejuvenating properties that leave your skin feeling soft when you leave. With fewer chemicals added, the saltwater experience is more natural and enjoyable.    

Healthy Lifestyle 

Your exercise schedule and active lifestyle will benefit from mineralized heat therapy by rejuvenating your body and muscles between workouts.  

Saltwater tubs are also eco-friendly! Saltwater hot tubs have half the salt of saltwater pool and a third of the salt of human tears. With fewer chemicals added and the fact the saltwater system requires far fewer water changes (sometime as little as once a year), your saltwater hot tub is much gentler on the environment. 


Saltwater hot tubs produce small amounts of natural chlorine molecules which neutralize contaminants in your hot tub. With a saltwater system, there’s no need to add chlorine or other chemicals to your spa continually. Plus, with advanced spas, you can monitor the sanitizing system with an intuitive control panel, simplifying your hot tub maintenance and care even further. 

Also, since the system is regularly producing just the right amount of chlorine to keep your water quality clean and consistent, your hot tub is always ready to use. No more waiting for the added chemicals to do their work. Now, with less need for extra chemicals, you’re saving money, time and effort! 

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