Hot Tub Entertainment For Your Family

Now more than ever, there is no better way to spend time with your family than soaking in a hot tub right outside your back door! Enjoyable for any age, an at-home spa offers you a chance to “getaway” with your loved ones and enjoy one another’s company. We at Hot Water Productions are here to help you create the most fun and entertaining experience for your family, so here are some of our favorite activities to do when spending time together in our tubs.  

Floating Board Game 

Chess, checkers and tic-tac toe are all games that are available on a floating board. You can set the game in the middle of your hot tub and everyone will be able to enjoy some friendly competition. The best part? The game and pieces are waterproof so they will last for many rivalries to come.  

Waterproof Cards 

Card games are always a good option for a larger family and a water-resistant deck is all you need. Start a game of Go Fish or Crazy 8 right inside the swirling spa waters. Perfect for hours of outdoor fun, the cards will provide even the largest families a game to all participate in.  


All you need for this family friendly game are five ping pong balls. After dropping them into the jet-filled water, you and your children will have to try and prevent the balls from touching you. Whoever gets touched first, they are now out, and the game continues on. 

 Who Am I? 

For this game, you don’t need anything other than a group of your family members. One person starts by thinking of a person in the room, a celebrity, or another random individual. Each person goes around and gets to ask a yes or no question to lead the group towards figuring out who the person is thinking of. First to guess, wins, and gets to think of the next round.  

…And Don’t Forget these Added Entertainment Features! 

No matter which spa activities match your family’s style, make the most of the experience by adding some music with a Bluetooth speaker or in-spa TV entertainment with a 22” HD wireless monitor, suitable for any of our Hot Spring Spa models. 

There are so many games that the whole family can enjoy! Plus, many others that you can create yourself. The fun never stops in our hot tubs. Call us or visit our showroom today to take a look at our hot tubs and all the activities every age can enjoy!  

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