The Pros of Owning an Outdoor vs. Indoor Hot Tub

The decision to purchase a hot tub can be quite simple – you recognize the benefits and need for your new oasis. The more difficult decision comes when deciding where to place the spa at your house. This takes some serious consideration; some prefer an indoor spa while others like to soak outside. We have put together a list of pros and cons for the placement of your spa because, after all, the key to the best hot tub experience is the location.

Both indoor and outdoor hot tubs provide equally peaceful and worthwhile experiences. Each of these, however, serve different lifestyles and it is important to remember why you purchased a hot tub in the first place.

An indoor hot tub allows for maximum privacy. The convenience of having a spa located inside your home allows you to relax at any given time and not have to worry about the changing weather outside. In fact, the weather will have no impact on the enjoyment of your spa time! Plus, you can listen to music or even watch TV from the comfort of your spa and not have to worry about being too loud. If you have the space inside, the convenience of an indoor tub might be the best fit for you and your family.

On the other hand, outdoor hot tubs are easier to maintain. Ventilation is not a concern when your spa is outside. Indoor spas can cause your walls to suffer damage from mold and mildew – especially if installed incorrectly. Outdoor hot tubs are not limited by space, tight doorways, or pre-installed plumbing or electrical outlets. If you need a larger spa, outside is probably the best place to put your tub.

If you aren’t super concerned about privacy, then an outdoor spa can provide a beautiful setting with the peaceful scenery of nature. If your priorities are the health benefits, you should consider an indoor hot tub since it gives you the easiest access to a controlled environment.

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