This document serves as the agreement between Hot Water Productions and me to perform routine maintenance on my hot tub on a weekly or every other week basis from the date this document is submitted. Service will continue unless I notify Hot Water Productions that I wish to change or cancel it.

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    Hot Water Productions agrees to perform the following services:

    1. Test and balance water chemistry. (We provide standard water care products)

    2. Vacuum debris from spa.

    3. Clean filters.

    4. Clean and condition spa cover several times a year.

    5. Check water temperature of hot tub.

    6. Conduct a systems check of spa and report anything that needs attention.

    7. Maintain records of each visit in our office.

    8. Recommend drain and clean service and filter replacement when needed. We recommend that spas be drained and cleaned approximately every 6 months.

    Services not included:

    Technical services outside of the routine maintenance is billed at $95 per hour.
    Drain and clean service
    Snow removal
    Replacement filters
    Mechanical Repairs

    Service Day – your service day is based on what part of the valley you are in. Our technician will work with you or your property manager with regards to finding the schedule that works best with you.

    Days are subject to change when a National Holiday occurs occurs during the week.Also, should a schedule become overbooked, adjustments in the service day will be necessary and you will be advised of your new service day. Additional charges may apply if we are asked to service your spa outside its normal service day.

    Dogs – if you have dogs in your yard, please contact us to find out what day your service will be and have your dog either inside the house or restrained at the time of our visit. If a service tech deems it unsafe to proceed onto the property and we cannot service the spa, you will still be charged for the visit.

    Snow – snow removal is not included in your service. Please have a shoveled pathway to the spa in the winter and remove snow from the cover. If our service techs need to remove more than 3” of snow, an additional fee will be charged: $10 for 4-6 inches, $20 for 7-12 inches, and $30 for over 12 inches. This charge is per visit and not per month. I.e. If we have to remove over 12 inches of snow twice in a month, your charge will be $60. To protect your cover, please use a safe instrument to remove snow. Do not use a shovel.

    Cancellation – if you need to change or cancel your service, please contact us in writing at or call us at 970-249-2566 at least 24 hours before your next service.

    Billing – billing is done at month end for the previous month. We process all billing through email billing unless you specify otherwise in this form. Paper billing will be done by request for an additional $5 per billing cycle. If you are on auto pay, you will receive a copy of a paid invoice with the credit card charge noted on the invoice along with a copy of your credit card receipt. We reserve the right to cancel your service for non-payment. Though we will try to make every effort to contact you beforehand to try to work out payment arrangements, all accounts over 30 days past due are subject to suspension.

    Access – please let us know ahead of time if there will be any access issues or if we need keys or codes (garage, gate, etc.) If we attempt to service a hot tub and we cannot get access, you will be charged for the visit.

    Water - homeowners must maintain outdoor piping and prevent it from freezing or leaking. Hot Water Productions will not be held responsible for any frozen or leaking pipes or faucets on the house or property. Please instruct us in this form as to which water source we should use to add water to your spa.

    *** By signing this contract you agree to the terms and conditions and authorize Hot Water Productions to begin service on your spa at the address listed above. If you have opted for "Auto Pay", you also authorize Hot Water Productions to keep the credit card on file and charge it automatically on a month to month basis for all charges incurred in a month.