Buying a Hot Tub 101: 5 Steps to Help You Purchase the Best Spa For You

5 Steps to Help Purchase a Hot Tub


Buying a Hot Tub 101: 5 Steps to Help You Purchase the Best Spa For You

At Hot Water Productions, we know that buying a hot tub is a commitment. While the benefits of a hot tub are countless, it can be overwhelming when you’re making a purchase decision. To help you choose the right spa, we’ve written this hot tub 101 guide. 


Step 1: Define your hot tub needs

How much space do you have? How many people will use your hot tub? How often will you use your spa?

All these questions can help you define what you need out of a hot tub. Some people use hot tubs as a way to bring family and friends together while others rely on a spa for medical needs and relaxation. Knowing the why behind your hot tub purchase will help the team at Hot Water Productions find the right model for you.

Here are some common recommendations:

Spa Capacity:

If you’re wanting a hot tub for socializing and a parties, you’ll want to prioritize purchasing a large hot tub with 6-8+ seats, such as the Prism Hot Spring® Spa that seats 7 people comfortably. Medium hot tubs are more appropriate for single-family use, sitting 4-5 people. Smaller hot tubs with 1-3 seats are great for singles and couples.


Most hot tubs are installed outdoors on a patio or deck, but you can install your hot tub almost anywhere as long as you have the space. You should measure your space so that you’re looking at hot tubs that fit those parameters, including extra space for accessories such as steps or cover lifters. We offer hot tubs in many different sizes and shapes, including the Fantasy Spas Embrace® tub that has a unique triangular shape to fit in tight spaces. 

Seating Arrangement:

Different hot tubs will differentiate themselves with their seating arrangements and layouts. You have options to ensure that your spa is as comfortable as possible – whether you’re looking for traditional seats or lounge seats. The Jetsetter® LX has a reclined moto-massage lounge seat that allows you to lay back with your legs extended in addition to a traditional bucket seat. 


Step 2: Establish Your Budget

Because hot tubs vary in size, materials, and features, there isn’t one answer to the question, “how much will a hot tub cost?” The brands we carry at Hot Water Productions start around $4,000 and range depending on the spa capacity and premium features like exterior lighting, energy efficiency, and audio entertainment compatibility.

If you have a larger budget, you might consider a custom spa or custom tile hot tub from Nespa or a stainless steel option from Bradford Products.

Our team at Hot Water Productions can help you figure out which hot tub meets your needs and your budget. Request a pricing quote on our website, and we’ll help you figure out financing options to make the investment possible. 

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Step 3: Choose Your Model

At Hot Water Productions, we carry the best hot tub brands, supported by comprehensive warranties and reputations of excellence. As you’re evaluating which hot tub is right for your home, start by evaluating the brands. We recommend researching verified buyer reviews and reading the positives and negatives. 


Hot Spring® Spas:

Hot Springs Spas are the world’s top-selling hot tub brand, known for their features, design, and longevity. Hot Springs is famous for their innovative salt water system that keeps spa water clean while reducing the usual chemical smell and skin irritation from other water systems. Hot Spring has three lines of hot tubs ranging from entry-level to luxurious. Check out your options.

Fantasy® Spas

You can expect quality and reliability with Fantasy spas. These spas are “plug-in” style, making them more portable and affordable. You can choose a model in the sport series that provides everything you need for a relaxing soak, or upgrade to the premier series to get extra features to elevate your spa experience. Check out the models

After you’ve chosen a brand, verify your electrical connection options. We have some models that are “plug n’ play” and operate on a standard 120-volt connection. Other models, typically larger options, require a 240-volt hard-wired connection that should be performed by a licensed electrician. 

Want to make sure the model you see online is perfect? Avoid buyer’s remorse by visiting our showroom and seeing the spa in person. 


Step 4: Determine Extra Features and Accessories

While jets make a hot tub a hot tub, there are a bunch of optional features and accessories that you can add to your spa to make it unique to you.

  • Steps
  • Spa covers
  • Cover lifters
  • Cooling systems
  • Bluetooth audio and video

Available features are dependent on the brand of the model you choose: Hot Spring Spas Extras and Fantasy Accessories.


Step 5: Prepare for Installation 

To get the most out of your hot tub purchase, you’ll want to become an educated spa owner. After you’ve made your purchase, download the pre-delivery instructions associated with your model’s brand. Covered in these guides include site selection, delivery access, ground preparation, and electrical requirements. 

And if you’re a little more tech-savvy, you can visualize the perfect spa in your space using the free Virtual View AR app. Backyard planning has never been easier. The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Any lingering questions about purchasing a hot tub? We want to help. You can reach us online, by phone at (970) 249-2566, and by visiting our showroom in person at 2511 S. Townsend Ave. Montrose, CO. 


Hot Tub Buyers Guide Infographic