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Greg Rudowsky

when we moved in to our house they came right over and set it up for us, they new the history and brought every thing we needed

Gregory Goodwin

HWP bent over backwards to get my hot tub delivered while I was on vacation so that I could surprise my wife on our return. The team is super friendly and efficient, and they really care about their customers. When our tub had a leak due to a manufacturer’s error, … Read More

Bruce Joss

Prompt and efficient. The service technician knew exactly what was needed to repair our tub at the house we recently purchased. He then took the time to fully explain the operation of the tub and its controls and answered my questions. Very helpful.

David Romero

They always know who I am and what I need products. Got that small town friendly feel in there!

Keri Johnson

Its the people that make your experience worth while

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