Can Babies Go in the Hot Tub?

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You love to relax in your hot tub, so wouldn’t it be great if the whole family could enjoy this pleasure, too? Unfortunately, bringing your baby or toddler into the hot water with you is unsafe. However, it is possible for older children to enjoy the spa safely by taking a few extra precautions. 

Since young children aren’t supposed to use hot tubs, swim spas are a great solution for families looking for options that will allow for family swim time and adult relaxation. Many of these models combine a small pool that can be used for family recreation and exercise, with a hot spa for rest and rejuvenation.

Here’s what experts say about children in the hot tub:

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Babies and Hot Tubs

Babies cannot regulate their body temperature like adults, so pediatricians and experts at the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance recommend that babies stay out of the hot tub altogether.

Toddlers and Hot Tubs

The recommendations for toddlers remain the same, as experts suggest that children stay out of the hot tub until they are at least five years old and can stand in the water with their heads above water. Drowning and contamination from potty accidents are particularly concerning at this age.

How to Safely Use Hot With Children Over 5

By the time your children have grown past the age of five, they may be able to enjoy the hot tub safely, with an adult by their side, by taking some extra precautions. 

The expert recommendations for use of a hot tub at this age include making sure that the child: 

  • Can stand with their head above the water
  • Does not put their head underwater
  • Is under constant parental supervision
  • Uses the hot tub for no more than five minutes

You can also decrease the water temperature to 98 F to make your hot tub a safer environment for children. 

Hot Tub Safety Checklist for Kids

Kids Plus Pediatrics offers several safety precautions for hot tub use. This checklist is useful for all spa owners, but is particularly important if you have children. 

  • Regularly test your hot tub water to ensure proper chlorination
  • Never let the hot tub temperature exceed 104 F
  • Make sure you have adequate drain covers installed
  • Keep the hot tub covered when not being used
  • Install a fence around the hot tub to keep children out
  • Use the hot tub with parental supervision at all times


Swimming safety is essential for families, and this goes for hot tubs, too. For a spa that your whole family can enjoy safely, we recommend looking into our endless pool systems. Any of the experts at Hot Water Productions at 2511 S. Townsend Ave in Montrose, Colorado can help you find the right spa for your family.