Health Benefits of Endless Pool Swimming

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The health benefits of swimming seem, well, endless; there is a lot of evidence that the activity is great for your body, mind, and spirit. Additionally, water-based movement does all of this without the damaging impact of other aerobic exercises. In 2017, SwimEngland, the U.K.’s national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, and artistic swimming, commissioned the most in-depth research review of swimming’s evidence-based physical and mental benefits to date. 

Here are some of the highlights:

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Swimming is Good for Cardiovascular Health

Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program, especially if you have a heart condition, but researchers note that swimming can enhance cardiovascular fitness, reduce the risk for cardiovascular conditions, and may be a rehabilitation option for people who have a cardiovascular condition (but again, it’s important to check with your doctor first).  

Swimming and Musculoskeletal Health

Swimming is known to be a preferred exercise for people who experience pain. The research shows that swimming is great for the health of your muscles and skeletal system because it specifically increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. The activity is known to elicit improvements in physical function, pain, and quality of life. 

Swimming and Mental Health Benefits

Most people step out from their daily swim feeling more calm and refreshed and there’s research that backs up this feel-good experience. Swimming has been shown to improve mood and, like many forms of exercise, keep depression and anxiety at bay. Simply being near a swimming pool, like having one in your backyard, supports wellness and relaxation

Swimming is a good exercise for Special Populations

Swimming is particularly great for populations at risk of injury, such as the elderly, disabled, or pregnant people, since moving in the water allows you to get the benefits of exercise without the risk of falling. The SwimEngland study also found that swimming is good for neurological function, and can help increase mobility in people who are living with multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease (PD), or the aftermath of stroke.

Health Benefits of Swimming in Place

When swimming in your Endless Pool, you experience all of the above benefits of swimming alongside specific benefits associated with working out against a current in a smaller pool. 

Interval training – An Endless Pool allows you to work out in short bursts of high-intensity swimming. Similar to the methodology of HIIT, these shorter bursts of intensity can improve cardiovascular health and fitness. 

Work on technique – An Endless Pool enables athletes to focus on their technique and form by performing repetitive movements in a small, controlled environment. 

Home workouts – Perhaps the best benefit of swimming in an Endless Pool is that you can workout from your home at any time without having to invest in a huge below ground construction project or visiting an out of home pool. 


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