Saunas and Skin Health

Sauna and Skin Health_Creative 1Do you want to achieve dewy, glowing skin without creams and tinctures? Spending some time in your sauna might be just what you need. People have used saunas to boost well-being and beauty for centuries, and researchers have been working hard to determine why. Here’s how your sauna can help you get healthy, lustrous skin, according to science: 

Sauna and Skin Health_Creative 3


Skin Health and Hydration

Beautiful skin starts with moisture. Hydrated skin is healthier, has fewer wrinkles, and appears more radiant. You don’t need to lather lotion on your face to moisturize, your sauna will let you moisturize your skin from the inside out. Researchers have found that two sessions of 15 minutes in the sauna can help increase skin hydration and support your skin barrier. The skin barrier is a layer which helps reduce hydration loss and protect against environmental stressors, like smoke, UV rays, and infections.

Saunas Make You Sweat

Sitting in the sauna makes you sweat, and sweating is great for your skin! This natural process designed to keep your body cool is known to help hydrate skin and protect it from infections. Sweating also increases blood flow to your skin, which allows for increased nutrient delivery and will give you that post-workout glow (without the workout!).

Saunas and Skin Conditions

Sauna use may help or hurt certain skin conditions. For example, there is some evidence that says that saunas might support people with psoriasis. However, there are other skin conditions that might be worsened by time in the sauna, such as scrapes or hives. Please check with your dermatologist before using your sauna to treat a specific skin condition. 

Saunas Help You De-stress

Studies show that elevated stress levels (indicated by levels of certain hormones, like cortisol) can increase skin inflammation, decrease skin barrier function (the one that helps keep your skin hydrated and fights environmental stressors), and slow wound healing. Thankfully, spending time in the sauna is known to decrease stress levels. By de-stressing your mind and body, you can truly achieve better skin from the inside out. 


Regular sauna use for your skin has so many great benefits that it might be time to toss all of those expensive lotions and serums. Visit Hot Water Productions today to find the right sauna for you and your skin.