We’re in the People Business: All About Hot Water Productions

Three Darence generations running Hot Water Productions

At Hot WaterProductions, we aren’t in the “hot tub business.” We are in the people business.

For more than 35 years, we have been helping Coloradans improve their health and quality of life. We stand behind the hot tubs, saunas, and spas we sell, believing that these investments are part of a wellness-based lifestyle. 


A Brief History

Hot Water Productions was founded in 1985 by Joe Derence, a Montrose family man with an entrepreneurial spirit. After working at a hot tub manufacturer and making connections in the industry, Joe decided to found his own company. His dream of a mom-and-pop retail space to sell hot tubs and spas was realized.

And true to most small businesses, Hot Water Productions is a family business. Joe’s son, Paul, has memories of sweeping and mopping the floor as a teen before he started learning all aspects of the business. From service, installation, sales, and delivery, Paul learned all about the business from his father, and bought the company from his dad a few years ago.

Now as President and CEO of Hot Water Productions, Paul has brought his son Ezra and wife Leah into the business, too. The business has now grown to 10 employees with a larger showroom, but we continue to prioritize the people-first vision from the company’s first days. 



If you visit us in our showroom in Montrose, you’ll hear us say how hot tubs aren’t a luxury item. They are an investment in a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of hot tubs include:

  • Stress Relief: hot water relieves physical and mental stress
  • Muscle Relaxation: hot tub jets massage tight, tense muscles
  • Improved Sleep: enjoy a deeper and more restful night’s sleep
  • Pain Relief: relax tense muscles, joints, and tendons
  • Heart Health:Hot water has been show to lower blood pressure

All of these benefits support the lifestyles of Coloradans across the Western Slope. So whether you’re hiking mountains and need to recover or are looking to relax more in the later stages of life, hot water should be in your routine. 


When a hot tub or spa becomes part of your wellness routine, you’ll live a healthier and happier life. That’s not just a bumper sticker slogan – hot tubs can really change your life.

When asked about memorable customer experiences, Paul reflected on a retiree who was suffering with fibromyalgia. Her mental and physical well being was suffering as even simple tasks like getting out of bed were getting harder and harder. As a retiree, she was living on a fixed income and had concerns about the costs of a hot tub investment.

Paul worked with her one-on-one to learn her story, figure out her needs, and find something that was within her budget. And after the purchase, the customer wrote a handwritten letter explaining how her entire life changed for the better since introducing the hot tub into her routine. 

She could have purchased a hot tub from a national seller directly, but the experience at Hot Water Productions meant that she got the personal support she needed to make the right decision for her. 


When Hot Water Productions talks about service, we have to talk about how we have thousands of satisfied customers and expertly trained staff to install and repair your hot tub, spa, or sauna. When you buy from Hot Water Productions, you’re buying the assurance of quality service.

But service also means our commitment to serving our local community. 

  • Inspired by an employee who developed terminal cancer and went through hospice, Joe started a fundraiser to support hospice care. Years later, we continue to run a “Hot Tubs for Hospice” event every November where we donate $100 for every hot tub we sell to a local hospice.
  • The Derence family is born and raised in Montrose and knows the importance of youth organizations in the community. Rather than spending money advertising in the yellow pages, we would rather put that money back into the community through sponsoring high school sports or investing in organizations like Dolphin House.
  • The Derence family is part of the CrossFit community in Montrose – Leah is even a coach! Living a healthy and active lifestyle isn’t a sales pitch for our product; helping others live a healthier life is embedded into everything we do.